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Raffle Ended, Who’s our lucky winner!?
Hey Everyone,   It's time to announce the LUCKY WINNER!   You guys are amazing, it took over 10 minutes for the script to properly shuffle the entries into the raffle, we had that big of a turn out. Remember the rules, if you were using an adblocking software you didn't get any points for watching. Each episode you watch is worth 5 points.   Without further adieu, please welcome this quarter's raffle finalist...   ... read more
Minecraft Community Server!
As many of you may have heard through the last few months through mumbles, and words uttered through the hushed whispers of others. We have been working on releasing a Minecraft Modpack for the community.   This of course, was a very daunting task, as we wanted it to have just about EVERYTHING. While this sounds, in theory awesome, in reality it was near impossible..... Or so we initially thought. Through the tireless efforts of Absinthe and Drshattered, ... read more
DE’s 1st Quarter Raffle — Ends March 31st
Hello Everyone,     It's been a couple years since I took over Dubbed Episodes from it's former owner and now that I've finally gotten the site moving in the right direction I wanted to give back to the community that really makes the site what it is, the most amazing website to watch anime and chat.     Dubbed Episodes provides over 30,000 anime episodes, from over 1000 different series (dubbed and subbed of one ser... read more
New Feature: Episode Tracking
It's a great day here at Dubbed Episodes. We've just completed preparations for a new feature on the site "Episode Tracking". So, what is episode tracking? Episode tracking is a feature that, when you are logged in, will track what episodes you have watched on the website. We're still in early alpha production of this feature so expect bugs. When you have watched an episode, the blank star on the left on that series' episode list page will be gold instead, refle... read more
Advertisements [and why we have them]
Dear Members of DE,     I realize many of you have come to DE only to be distraught at the number of advertisements (popunders in this case) that you are blasted with on the site. I want to be able to say that there's a bug in the code causing it, but that would be a lie. Truth of the matter is, dubbedepisodes.org is in a state of financial crisis; between some bugs that caused the videos to be down for many, endless hours of work put in to ... read more
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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - Stardust Crusaders [Subbed]

Plot Summary:Part 1 - Phantom Blood In ancient Mexico, people of Aztec had prospered. They had historic and strange "Stone Mask". It was a miraculous mask which brings etern...

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