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Kirito, who beta-tested the game, logs-in to the world of Aincrad and meets Klein, a new player, who asks him to teach him the basics of the game including the Sword Skill battle system. Later, after several hours in the game, Kirito and Klein discover that they cannot log out. Shortly after, the pair are teleported to the town square, where they see that all other players have also been transported to the location…

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-title-sword-art-online--title- -synopsis-in-the-near-future--a-virtual-reality-massive-multiplayer-online-role-playing-game--vrmmorpg--called-sword-art-online-has-been-released-where-players-can-control-their-avatars-through-brain-waves-using-technology-called--amp-quot-nervegear--amp-quot--when-players-enter-the-game--they-discover-they-cannot-log-out--as-the-game-creator-is-holding-them-captive--to-escape--players-must-beat-the-game-by-defeating-each-boss-on-all-100-floors--however--if-they-die-in-the-game--they-die-in-real-life-too--their-struggle-for-survival-starts-now----lt-br---gt-
Series Name(s)
Sword Art Online
Sword Art Online
Airing Date
2012-07-08 - 2012-12-23
Show Status
Finished Airing
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List of Sword Art Online [Dubbed] Episodes

Episode # / Episode Title
Episode # 25
The World Seed
Episode # 24
Gilded Hero
Episode # 23
Episode # 22
Grand Quest
Episode # 21
The Truth Behind Alfheim
Episode # 20
General of the Blazing Flames
Episode # 19
Ruger Corridor
Episode # 18
To the World Tree
Episode # 17
The Captive Queen
Episode # 16
Land of Fairies
Episode # 15
Episode # 14
The End of the World
Episode # 13
Edge of Hell's Abyss
Episode # 12
Yui's Heart
Episode # 11
The Girl of the Morning Dew
Episode # 10
Crimson Killing Intent
Episode # 9
The Blue-Eyed Demon
Episode # 8
Black and White Sword Dance
Episode # 7
The Warmth of the Heart
Episode # 6
Illusionary Avenger
Episode # 5
A Crime Within The Walls
Episode # 4
The Black Swordsman
Episode # 3
The Red-Nosed Reindeer
Episode # 2
Episode # 1
The World of Swords